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Artificial Turf Installation

At Genesis Turf, we believe installing our products should be a complete DIY (do it yourself) process. We strive to make the installation process of artificial turf a seamless and hassle-free experience. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions. All projects can be different and we will strive to give you the one on one attention you need.

Let Genesis Turf Install For you

At Genesis turf we have worked hard to build a nationwide network of professional installers who are ready to help you select and install any surfaces. We have put in countless hours to ensure that you are provided with a professional and timely installer. Rather than having multiple points of contact throughout your project, your Genesis Turf rep will work with you directly before, during and after your installation to ensure your project is completed to your 100% satisfaction. Genesis Turf will never be satisfied until our customers are satisfied. Call us for a quote today on installation of any turf or multi surface product.

Typical Landscape Application Installation Sequence
1. Remove all vegetation in the area 2. Fit drainage base to grade 3. Install leveling layer 4. Layout Genesis Lawn
Artificial Turf Installation Artificial Grass Artificial Turf Synthetic Turf
5. Fit edges and contours 6. Seam panels 7. Install infill in 1/2” lifts 8. Brush to finish
Artificial Turf Installation Artificial Turf Artificial Grass Artificial Turf Installation
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