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Simply put our artificial turf looks better, lasts longer, and gives you more product for your money. Genesis Turf is an industry leader synthetic turf innovation while maintain a reduce, reuse, recycle approach to all of our materials. Genesis Turf offers the absolute best in overall quality control and customer service.

Artificial Pet Turf
Artificial TurfWater Conservation

Genesis Artificial Turf saves water offering an over 50% reduction in residential water use.

Artificial GrassTime Saving
Genesis Turf is virtually maintenance free giving you more time to enjoy your family and yard instead of maintaining it.

Synthetic TurfEquipment Savings
No need for lawn maintenance equipment or hiring lawn maintenance companies.

Artificial Playground TurfLong Term Savings
Genesis Turf is the longest lasting and best performing turf in the industry. All turf is UV stabilized and all weather treated.

Artificial TurfLow Impact on Local Landfills.
We offer the longest life span on all Genesis Artificial Turf products and all are 100% recyclable.

Artificial GrassIndustry Leading Installation
All Genesis Synthetic Turf can be a complete DIY install or take advantage of our industry leading installation team. We will travel to you to install any product.

Artificial Pet TurfCustomer Support
Our customer support staff is hear from you beginning to end.

Artificial Playground TurfHeat Resistant Technology
Keep your turf cool to the touch all year long.

Artificial TurfTru-Color Urethane Coating
Keeping the color of your turf the same since the day you bought it.

Artificial GrassTru-Drain Pet Turf
Keeping your pet turf clean and dry to maintain a sanitized surface.

Artificial TurfDuraflo Primary Backing.
Our DuraFlo all polyolefin backing system is 100% recyclable and up to 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products. Do it once, do it right!

Synthetic TurfGenesis Secondary Backing
100% Recyclable and Lead Free

Artificial Pet TurfCurt Tiles & Rubber Surfacing.
The fastest draining open-grid tile on the market. Our patented, six-point locking system keeps tiles flat for clean consistent performance.

Artificial Lawn TurfChosen By Industry Leading Professionals.
Genesis Turf is a proud supplier to the US military, University of Arkansas, University of Virginia, The Discovery Channel, The City of Miami, and The Make A Wish Foundation.

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Industry Leading Quality and Environmental Responsibility

Artificial Turf
Genesis Turf has been in business for 13 years and is still growing strong. We take pride in offering the right product every time by taking into account each customer’s specific needs. As a “green” manufacturer, we use very little fossil fuels in our manufacturing process. In addition our Duraflo and secondary backings are 100% recyclable.

This commitment to service, quality, and the environment has Genesis Turf one of the most trusted artificial turf providers in the industry. Genesis Turf offers more than 40 styles of turf and the ability to produce custom specs. We invite you to contact us and find out why there is no better product.